Student Recognitions

Here is an overview of the student honor roll and the recognition students will receive for each quarter at West Lake Middle School:

  • Students who make a 90 or above in all classes are deemed to be on the ‘A’ Honor Roll.
  • Students who have an overall average of 80 in all of their classes and have received no lower than a 70 in any of their classes should be included on the ‘A/B’ Honor Roll.

Their classes include the following six courses:

English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, PE/Health and Elective.

The Honor Roll lists will be posted in the front hall shortly after each quarter ends.

First and Third Quarter Awards:

We will be hosting a doughnut breakfast prior to the start of the school day. Each student will earn a golden ticket which gains entrance to a Doughnut Breakfast to honor their hard work. Doughnut donations and parent volunteers (WCPSS approved only please) will be needed to serve at each of these events.

Second Quarter Awards:

Each student will be invited to attend the Smart Block Social where they will have an opportunity to play games in the gym and eat cookies together!

Cookie donations and parent volunteers (WCPSS approved only please) will be needed to chaperone this event in January.

Fourth Quarter Awards:

We will be holding ceremonies during the last week of school to recognize students for their academic achievement for all four quarters. Students who receive either all As or all As and Bs for all four quarters will be recognized by their teachers and given a certificate. Parents will be invited to attend these ceremonies.

During 8th grade graduation, we will recognize the 8th graders who have achieved an A in each class in each quarter throughout their entire tenure at West Lake Middle School (all 4 quarters in each grade 6, 7 and 8). These academic phenoms will be awarded a complementary t-shirt or sweatshirt from their new high school!

If you are able and willing to help out, please email Beth Lewis at