Board of Directors

The PTSA Board of Directors is broken down into several categories.  The Main Officers, Standing Committee Chairs and Special Committees.  Main Officers and Standing Committee Chairs have voting rights under the ByLaws to conduct business on behalf of the PTSA.  Special Committees exist for the duration of their specific purpose and dissolve upon completion.  Special Committee Chairs do not have voting rights as outlined in the Bylaws.


 President – Estrees Marshall

    • Prepares agenda and conducts meetings for the Executive Board and General Membership
    • Oversees all other officers and activities
    • Reviews & Signs all contracts and checks
    • Acts as a liaison from the school administration to the PTA

 Vice-President – Cheryl Hili

    • Assist President, as needed
    • Ensures that PTSA is in alignment with National PTA Regulations
    • Attends monthly meetings
    • Fills President Role when President is unavailable

Treasurer – Jamie Stamm

    • Assists and prepares the projected budget for the upcoming year
    • Keeps accurate and detailed financial statements, receipts, disbursements and balances
    • Presents a monthly financial state at every Executive Board meeting
    • Ensures tax returns are filed, liability insurance and PTA dues are paid

 Secretary – Lori Lohmeyer

    • Maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all the general meetings and executive board meetings.
    • Responsible for all official correspondence from the PTA
    • Maintains a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules

VP Fundraising –  **vacant**

    • Plans and oversees main fundraising for the PTSA
    • Coordinates and Executes distribution, money count and programs associated, as well as volunteer assistance.

All Vice President positions work with the designated committee chairs to ensure that all activities are executed in a quality manner, assist committee chairs in preparing plans of work and report, provide recommendations to the president for potential committee chairs, and obtain notebooks from outgoing chairpersons. To learn more about committees visit our Programs and Committees page.