We need your input to make WLMS a better place…

Did you know that WLMS has a School Improvement Committee?

The WLMS School Improvement  Committee (SIC) is a functioning team of administrators, teachers and parents that represent the WLMS school community. The committee works in partnership with the Leadership team and the instructional staff to analyze and determine school data, in the areas of Student Achievement, Instructional Practices, Staff & Student Demographics, Perception and Programs, that are most essential for school improvement.

We need your input to make our school a better place.  Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey.  These results will help determine the next steps for WLMS.


The School Improvement Plan is a living document that holds the school community accountable to its goals for positive school change and improvement.

Our current SIC information is always available on the WLMS website….


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