BAC meeting update….

The Board Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting was held at Athens Drive on Dec. 4th.  The School Board has hired an interim Superintendent, Dr. Del Burns, until they have found a permanent person for the position.  You can read about Dr Burns here….
 At the December meeting,  the Wake County Security Department gave a presentation.  Two members of the security team were present – Russ Smith ( who is in central office and Kendrick Scott, a security officer on the ground at various schools.  The county has several different programs in place to ensure each child’s security throughout the school day.  Some of these programs are mandated by the state and some are WCPSS policies.  They have organized extensive communication networks (which include detailed protocol procedures, building schematics, etc)  between the schools, WCPSS and the local emergency responders in the event of an incident.  After every incident, they review what happened in order to learn and adjust procedures, if needed.  There is a lot of help available to students and their families who are willing to change and grow – they just need to let their school counselors know of their issue and they will receive help.
The current project the Security team is working on is ensuring that all schools in Wake County have equivalent security resources.  In the past, there have been unequal numbers of surveillance cameras on each campus with many schools having none at all.  They have been working to establish county wide minimums for each type of school (elem, middle and high) and they have just finished up purchasing and installing cameras for all elementary schools in the county – so now, each elementary school has cameras and they also have the correct number of cameras at each school.  They will begin to work on middle and high schools next.
One of the biggest weaknesses and the main resource that the security department is requesting are more school counselors.   The presence of an adequate number of school counselors is their first line of defense to ensure the safety of each child on each school campus.  The suggested ratio of school counselor to student number is 1:250 – so 1 counselor for every 250 students.  Wake County is currently at 1:650 for middle and high schools and 1:1250 for elementary schools.
Also a side note for parents…in light of the beginning of the year where several social media threats occurred in WCPSS schools, if you or your child becomes aware of a threat made to a WCPSS School campus via social media, please immediately contact your school’s principal and/or the WCPSS Tip Line (919) 856-1911.  All threats are investigated and taken very seriously.
If you have any security related questions, please feel free to contact Russ Smith at
The next BAC meeting will be held at March 6 at 9:00am at Dillard Drive Middle School.  All parents/guardians are welcome and invited to attend.


A special thank you to Beth Lewis.  She is our BAC representative for WLMS, and is instrumental in providing us with updates from WCPSS….

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