8th Grade Graduation Dance – Final Details

A special message from your 8th Grade Graduation Dance Committee:

Well done students!  You have broken all records for attendance and we are thrilled to celebrate this special time with you.  This is going to be a great event!  Please read carefully the following 6 logistical details regarding the event:

Detail 1: Please follow the car-pool signs carefully as you approach the venue during drop-off and pick-up.  It may be raining so it will be very important to abide by the directional signs to keep our teens safe and as dry as possible.  Do not encourage your teen to run through the parking lot to find you in the dark at the end of the evening; especially when they are all sugared up and excited.  Weather permitting, the teens will wait on the sidewalk outside and in front of the venue.  If the weather goes sour, the release of the teens will be more methodical and therefore, slower – please be patient as we help them locate you. 

Detail 2:  Please do not park on the roads and /or walk your teen in to the venue.  Only registered chaperones will be allowed inside the venue.  If you must sign your teen out early, please park in the parking lot and enter the venue to speak to a chaperone who will escort you and your teen, or teens, out.  NO teen will be permitted to exit the venue without an adult having first spoken directly to a dance chaperone.  Dance Chaperones will be identified by looking considerably older and worn out than the teens and will be wearing name tags. 

Detail 3:  Parents and teens – Please ensure you have read all literature to be fully informed of all rules and guidelines.  This information is still posted on the PTSA site which is linked to the school’s main website.  If you would like to be a chaperone we still have a need for this important role.  Please sign up on the PTSA site and click on the Candy Sign Up link.

Detail 4: Those who present invitations at the door will be put in the entrance express lane.  Please don’t worry if you have lost or misplaced your invitation.  We have many ways to check names on the roster to ensure all paid participants enter.  

Detail 5:   Do not forget to bring your food-donation items (2 minimum) for the “Looking Good, Doing Good” campaign which is supporting the Holly Springs Food Cupboard.  These donations will collected from you as you enter the venue. 

Detail 6:  Dinner is not being served however desert, various snack food items and drinks will be offered at this event.  Please consider this in your planning.  In lieu of dinner we will have a DJ, Photobooth, 45 raffles and a special take home item – take that dinner!

And that’s all folks!  You have survived the final message and although we are somewhat disappointed over the lack of offers for a free condo in Hawaii, we want to say thank you ALL for supporting this wonderful event and tradition.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ensure that you contact Barbara Koch.  Any complaints should be sent to Justin Beiber.   

And with that we look forward to seeing you this Friday night as you enjoy A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning!

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