An Oasis of Books is coming . . .

Our Book Fair will be November 25 – December 9.


We are still looking for volunteers to help work the fair during school hours. Specifically, we don’t have enough volunteers for the following dates and times:

          • Tuesday, Nov 26 from 11-1:00
          • Monday, Dec 2 from 7:45-9:30
          • Monday, Dec 2 from 11:15-1:40
          • Tuesday Dec 3 from 7:45-12:00
          • Wednesday, Dec 4 from 9:15-1:40
          • Thursday Dec 5 from 7:45-12:00.

If you would like to volunteer you may email the Book Fair Committee or you can visit the Book Fair Website to see the volunteer schedule and sign up online.

We are also looking for any crafty parents who would be interested in making a few decorations for the fair. This year’s theme is: Scholastic Book Fair’s Reading Oasis: A Cool Place to Discover Hot Books.

The Book Fair will be open each day from 7am-2:40pm (closed for Thanksgiving holidays 28th & 29th).  All students will visit the fair during their Language Arts classes and are also welcome to visit immediately before and after school.

We need lots of help to make this year’s book fair a success. Please contact the Book Fair Chair Kathryn O’Dekirk, or click “Volunteer Sign Up” you’d like to volunteer this year.

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