Innisbrook Orders in IN!

InnisbrookWe have several orders that are still needing to be picked up.  In an effort to help facilitate them getting home, we will be sending them home by the students on Thursday, October 10th.

Students will be sent down to collect their orders during their CAT Time.  The boxes have handles on them which make them easier to carry.  If a student feels the order is too heavy to carry, we will either call or send a letter home.  If this is the case, arrangements will need to be made to have your order picked up.  It is our goal to have all orders sent home or picked up by the end of the week, Friday, October 11th.

Students with small orders will be able to pick up their orders from the school store.  They will need to check the School Store tomorrow morning during School Store hours (7:10 – 7:40am).

Please communicate with your child(ren) the need to bring these orders home.

Thank you for your continued patience while we get the orders distributed in the most efficient way.

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