Target Gives Back – VOTE TODAY & TOMORROW

Give+with+Target_midVote Today & Tomorrow!!  Target has pledged $2.6M of the $5M in its campaign!  We need to keep voting before the entire $5M is given away and Target shuts down the event!  Please keep voting for West Lake!

I heard through the grapevine that Lufkin is ahead of us and going after bragging rights!  We can’t let that happen!  We currently have 512 votes and they have 952!!!

Text our voting link to your family, friends & co-workers and ask them to vote for West Lake Middle!  Post our voting link to your Facebook page or your website!  If your child is age 13 or older and have a Facebook account, make sure they are voting, too.  Help us grab as much of that $10k for West Lake Middle as we can before time runs out!

Put a reminder on your calendar to VOTE each Sunday.  This program will end when on September 21st OR when Target reaches it’s goal of giving away $5M.

Vote Here:  Give with Target – West Lake Middle School

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