On-line Orders for Innisbrook

When you register your student, please click “Track 1” if you are tracks 1, 2 and 4.  This is just the way Innisbrook sets things up based on sales periods.  So, Track 1 means the first sale dates and Track 2 means the second set of sale dates (for our Track 3).

If you are Track 3, when you register on the 19th, click “Track 2”

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One Response to On-line Orders for Innisbrook

  1. michelleedgar says:

    Additional Instructions:

    Step 1: Parents need to register their student for online ordering. Go to http://www.innisbrook.com and click on the “Parents and Students”, then click on “Register for Prize Credits”
    Step 2: Enter our school number which is 101191. WLMS should appear and just click “continue to EZ”

    There are two rows, one is Track 1 (which is already highlighted right now) and that is for the first sale for Tracks 1, 2 and 4. Any parent with a student in these tracks just needs to click “continue”. The “Track 2” is for the next sale which is for Track 3.

    Next, parents need to register a username, password and their email address. Innisbrook will send an email with the student’s ordering number which is tied to that student. Then they can send that number or the link out to friends/family so they can order online.

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